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Vitabiotics Ltd

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Vitabiotics Ltd
1 Apsley Way
London NW2 7HF
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The first ever vitamin company to receive a Queen’s Award for Innovation
Vitabiotics is the UK’s overall number 1 vitamin and nutrient supplement VMS Company and is now the first British business to receive a coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its vitamin research. This has been awarded for the development of its Pregnacare range and in recognition of the ground breaking, highly successful Pregnacare clinical research. 
Spearheading the innovation with world renowned scientists
The development of the Pregnacare range originated from a continuous scientific research programme led by Professor Arnold Beckett OBE (Chairman of Vitabiotics for 18 years) and his former student Dr Kartar Lalvani OBE (Founder 
of Vitabiotics).
Leading the field of pregnancy nutrition 
Vitabiotics Pregnacare is Britain’s number 1 prenatal vitamin and is the pregnancy supplement brand that is most recommended by midwives. 
The range provides nutritional support for conception, pregnancy and foetal development, as well as breast-feeding and post-natal health. Pregnacare is a brand leading British innovation which has benefitted mums and babies for over 25 years – its research innovation has led the world in the new field of preconceptual nutrition. 
Landmark clinical research conducted in the UK
In April 2010, a landmark in research was achieved as the British Journal of Nutrition published a world first clinical trial, showing that Pregnacare tablets reduced the number of small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infants (low birth weight for time of birth) relative to the placebo. 
The results of this gold standard trial showed that taking Pregnacare tablets during pregnancy significantly improved the nutritional status of pregnant women and had a positive effect on their birth outcomes. 
The study of over 400 newly pregnant women was carried out by the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University and the Homerton Hospital. This was the first ever reporting of clinical findings in a study performed in either the UK or developed world showing that supplementing with a specific multivitamin supplement helps reduce the number of SGA infants born. (BJN (2010), 104, 437-445)
Pioneering research in nutrition and conception
In 2011, Pregnacare Conception was the first ever non-drug product shown to help the chances of conception. The results 
of a ground-breaking randomised controlled clinical trial, published in Reproductive BioMedicine, showed that women undergoing ovulation treatment had significantly higher pregnancy rates when taking Pregnacare Conception. 66% of women became pregnant in the Pregnacare Conception group compared to only 39% taking folic acid alone. 
Women taking Pregnacare Conception also conceived in significantly fewer attempts. This was the first ever study showing supplementation improves pregnancy rates in women with unexplained subfertility. It was carried out at Royal Free / University College London Hospitals, tertiary referral fertility centre. (Reproductive BioMedicine Online (2012) 24, 54– 60.)
Vitabiotics has manufactured innovative healthcare products for over 40 years and the range includes some of Britain’s leading supplement brands such as Wellman, Wellwoman, Osteocare, Perfectil and Menopace. This marks the third Queen’s Award that Vitabiotics has received, following awards for International Trade in 2003 and 2008. 
1 Apsley Way, London, NW2 7HF
Tel: +44 (0)20 8955 2600 

Professor Arnold Beckett and Dr Kartar Lalvani OBE

A study published on the Reproductive BioMedicine Online showed that women undergoing ovulation treatment had significantly higher pregnancy rates when taking Pregnacare Conception compared to taking folic acid alone