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SPTS Technologies Group Ltd

2018 | Innovation
SPTS Technologies Group Ltd
Ringland Way
Newport NP18 2TA
Tel: +44 (0)1633 414 000

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, is a leading supplier of wafer processing equipment used by the world’s leading semiconductor and micro-device industries, with focus on the Advanced Packaging, MEMS, RF and power management devices, and LED manufacturing.SPTS equipment is used by its customers for making micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), such as gyroscopes, accelerometers and microphones, semiconductors and other microelectronic devices. The semiconductor and MEMS devices produced using SPTS equipment are in every smartphone and many other things that touch and improve our lives every day, such as automobile safety systems (airbags), LED lighting, and power management chips in domestic appliances.

Over 98% of the company’s revenue is generated through international trade, and in 2015 SPTS surpassed £1 billion in cumulative export sales from its manufacturing headquarters in Newport, Wales. The company employs around 300 people in Newport with another 200 employees in 11 overseas locations.