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SelectScience Ltd

2013 | International Trade
SelectScience Ltd
Science House, Church Farm Business Park
Corston, Bath BA2 9AP
Tel: +44 (0)1225 874666
For 15 years SelectScience has played a vital role as the industry leading publisher of scientific information.  With online reviews and reference resources, a fully connected global scientific community has been created.
Having earned a reputation as the eminent publisher of scientific content online, SelectScience is the ‘go-to’  information resource  linking manufacturers of ground breaking, innovative scientific equipment with the world’s leading scientific and research talent.
With 250,000 subscribers worldwide, SelectScience enables online conversations about scientific products to help accelerate critical research in areas that affect all our lives; from cancer research and anti-doping technology in sport, to safety testing applications in the food industry and the latest forensics techniques used in criminal investigations.

Arif Butt, Managing Director and founder of SelectScience, says:

“We’re very proud of the important role we play on the global scientific stage. Scientists of all disciplines are often working in every corner of the world and their need for information about the latest innovations in equipment and processes is ongoing.  This, combined with the ability to forge relationships through peer networking facilitated by SelectScience, is what underpins our service”. 

“SelectScience is a hub that brings the scientific community together in one place. For manufacturers we provide direct access to their marketplace by offering bespoke marketing solutions. This ensures their products reach the right people for testing, review and, ultimately, for commercial purposes.”

SelectScience works with world leading scientists to provide information to its global community through exclusive reporting and the development of features and video content.
In 2012, SelectScience was the only scientific publisher to be given exclusive access inside the anti-doping laboratories for the London 2012 Olympics.  Professor Cowen from King’s College, London, was interviewed by the SelectScience team on how the most advanced anti-doping lab ever created managed to analyse 6,250 samples during  the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.
SelectScience has played a leading role in raising awareness of food safety issues and the processes involved  in  testing to prevent contaminants from entering the food chain.  With recent food scares quickly affecting consumer confidence, getting information to the public about testing procedures is increasingly important.  The editorial team at SelectScience, led by Editor Kerry Parker, has been at the forefront of raising these issues.  Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety at Queen's University Belfast, was interviewed about the cutting edge food safety research conducted at the Institute of Agri-Food & Land-Use. 
Another key area of work being promoted by SelectScience is in medical research.  Dr Mehmet Toner, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts University, was interviewed by SelectScience on the work undertaken by the ‘technology dream team’  in the US.  SelectScience has reported about work to develop processes to find rare cancer tumour cells that circulate in the body. The development of innovative microchip technology could lead to dramatic improvements in early cancer detection and longer life expectancies, with better treatment therapies. 
The company has achieved ambitious growth in the last few years which has seen the business expand into international markets specifically, North America and mainland Europe. Export markets now account for 85% of SelectScience’s turnover and overseas sales have grown 72% in the last three years.  Future plans include moving into emerging markets in the Far East and further penetration into the EMEA area.
The SelectScience global UK headquarters is near the beautiful city of Bath, with additional  offices in North America, Germany and Italy.

Above: Professor Chris Elliott. Far left: Arif Butt.
Immediate left (L-R): SelectScience Managing Director
Arif Butt, Professor Cowen and
SelectScience Editor Kerry Parker.
Below:The SelectScience team pictured in Bath

SelectScience Ltd
Science House,
Church Farm Business Park, 
Corston, Bath, BA2 9AP
Tel: +44 (0)1225 874666
Fax: +44 (0)1225 874123