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Russell IPM Ltd

2012 | Innovation
Russell IPM Ltd
Unit 68, Third Avenue, Deeside Industrial Estate
Deeside CH5 2LA
Tel:+44 (0) 1244 281333

Russell IPM Ltd Designs and manufactures environmentally friendly pheromone products for use by the agriculture and professional pest control industries worldwide.

Russell IPM employees, partners and friends at last years Queen’s Award for International Trade presentation

Russell IPM is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of insect pheromones, traps, biostimulants and biopesticides. Based on the Deeside Industrial Estate, Flintshire, Russell IPM is celebrating its 25th Year of business.

Russell IPM has established itself as a centre of excellence in managing pests that affect fresh fruits and vegetables, including most importantly the destructive tomato pest, Tuta absoluta. Russell IPM has excelled in pheromone based products including traps and insect attractants, which reduce the need for synthetic insecticides.

Receiving this award is something of a real triumph for Russell IPM. It was only last year that the company was awarded its first Queens award in the category of International Trade. The Queens Award for Innovation has been awarded to Russell IPM for its contribution to the market of the Ferolite trap, designed and developed by Russell IPM for use by the horticultural industry for the control of infestations of the devastating and destructive tomato pest, Tuta absoluta.

The winning product, Ferolite is a water trap which is designed to utilize the sex pheromone of Tuta absoluta, a destructive and fast moving pest, which attacks tomato and other related crops. Ferolite uses a specific wavelength of light along with the sex pheromone, to attract the insect to the trap in order to achieve the maximum trap catch of the adult population. The central element to this innovation was the discovery of the light wavelength to which Tuta absoluta was most attracted, and then to pinpoint the exact period of the night which Tuta absoluta was sexually active. Triggering all the right attractions at the rights times offered the most selective and attractive trap for Tuta absoluta, a trap which has since become a key part of any management programme of this dangerous pest.

Hearing the news of their award, managing director, Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi, commented: “I am delighted that our research and development efforts have been recognised through the Queen’s Awards. This gives us the motivation to continue in our efforts for the purpose of serving our markets with more innovative products and solutions.”

Russell IPM Ltd
Unit 68, Third Avenue, Deeside Industrial Estate
Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2LA UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1244 281333
Fax: +44 (0) 1244 281878