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Russell IPM Limited

2011 | International Trade
Russell IPM Limited
Unit 68, Third Avenue, Deeside Industrial Estate
Deeside CH5 2LA
Tel: +44 (0) 1244 281333

Russell IPM is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of insect pheromones, Biostimulants and Biopesticides. Based in the Deeside Industrial Park, Russell IPM has been trading since 1993.
Russell IPM has established 
itself as an authority and centre of excellence in managing pests that affect fresh fruit and vegetables, including most importantly a particularly destructive tomato pest, Tuta absoluta.
Russell IPM exports insect pheromone based products including traps and insect attractants, which reduce the need for synthetic insecticides. The key opportunity, which the company embraced, was the need to reduce the rapid spread of the devastating tomato pest, Tuta absoluta, after it was accidentally introduced into Spain from South America.
Over 3 years Russell IPM’s export earnings have exceeded £6M from its main markets in Spain, Morocco, Germany, Algeria and Tunisia. Other markets include USA and more recently the development of new markets in Kenya and Turkey.
From the start of the spread of Tuta absoluta, Russell IPM set up dedicated sites in five languages to provide a platform to share experience and knowledge between those who work in the field, to ensure that the professionals are better prepared for the arrival of this dangerous pest.
On receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International trade Managing director Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi commented: "When we embarked on our campaign three years ago, 
we were only thinking about the substantial damage which could be caused to the livelihood of all those farmers around the Mediterranean. We just wanted to make sure that word goes around and everybody is well prepared. The Queen’s Award is a valued recognition to all those who helped in the success of this campaign."
Adding further, marketing director Diana Al-Zaidi commented, "It is a really nice surprise to us all. Overall, it is a big recognition to the hard work of every single member of staff who contributed to this achievement."

Russell IPM Ltd
Unit 68, Third Avenue
Deeside Industrial Estate
Deeside, Flintshire 
Tel: +44 (0) 1244 281333
Fax: +44 (0) 1244 281878

Russell IPM insect pheremone-based products reduce the need for synthetic insecticides