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Manvers Engineering Limited

2018 | Innovation
Manvers Engineering Limited
Unit 7 Spring Hill Road
Barnsley S72 7PD
Tel: 44 (0)1226 719444

MANVERS ENGINEERING LTDis proud to have received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation for its uniquely ground-breaking product: Plant Nappy.

Manvers Engineering Ltd is a family run company that was established in the 1990s (creating separation equipment for the tunnelling industries), but it wasn’t until 2008 that development commenced of what is now the market-leading product, Plant Nappy.  Derived following feedback from exacerbated environmental managers about the lack of adequate oil/spill containment on sites, the thinking around creating a viable long-term solution ignited the creativity of the managing director, Colin Ibbotson. Not content with solely achieving this solution, he was eager to take it one step further by developing a product that would not only retain the contaminant but also allow rain water to be filtered out contaminante-free, allowing it to safely pass back into the environment. This meant for the first time, a product would be able to deal with oil spillage from various machinery/equipment, outside, on uneven terrain and even during rainy weather without the performance being compromised. 

 Smart thinking in spill containment
The main goal of the Plant Nappy was to offer a user-friendly solution for spill containment that would replace traditional products, such as drip trays. The journey to achieve a viable product wasn’t without its difficulties and many hours were spent testing raw materials and trialling manufacturing processes to perfect the concept.

The final construction is unique, demonstrated by its dual-purpose technology allowing the adsorption of oil/fuel while filtering out clean rainwater. The Plant Nappy can be made in almost any size and is UV and temperature resistant, fire retardant, high strength yet lightweight, flexible and crush resistant. This means that getting it under any type of machinery is easy.

It can either be placed under by hand (if you know where the machine may leak oil from) or the machine/equipment could be driven or rolled onto the Plant Nappy whereby the entire machine would then be guarded against spillage. This is great for large equipment on construction sites, such as generators. It can be used outdoors in all weather conditions and on any terrain, meaning the protection offered is not compromised even in extreme environments.

“The patented technology of this market-leading product provides users on site with a cost-effective way to control leaks and spills from equipment while avoiding contaminated waste.”

How it works
The Plant Nappy can be placed under various types of machinery with the sole purpose of protecting the ground from contamination should any oil/fuel leak from the equipment. However, not only does it hold onto any spillage it also filters any water that has entered the Plant Nappy and allows this to pass freely through the unique side walls and back into the environment free from contaminants.  Any oil caught in the Plant Nappy cannot be easily tipped out by an operator although the oil can be forcibly removed if the intention is to reuse the Plant Nappy following a spillage (disposing of any oil in a controlled environment).

Construction consists of:
• Base layer –the base layer is a non-permeable layer that acts as a barrier between contaminated liquid and the ground.
• Internal base – this offers rapid adsorption of oils and fuels, but more importantly traps them in one place.
• Side wall –allows rainfall to escape at a considerable rate but also filters out any oil residue that may have been picked up by water.
• Liners(that fit snugly in the Plant Nappy to extend life span for heavy soiling) – these offer the same features as the internal base but can be removed once full.

Core values
With a background in mining, tunnelling and construction industries, and yet passionate about environmental impact, Manvers Engineering Ltd is always striving to develop products that allows others to contribute to greener construction. Masses of time, energy and money go into research and development. This, combined with the dedication of staff, ensures the products are constantly evolving to offer greater efficiency and keep up with high customer expectations as environmental solutions become ever-more important.

A great deal of thought, care and attention goes into the British manufactured product, with raw materials and labour sourced locally when possible, with a large proportion of the process being conducted “in house” at the premises in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

 Looking to the future
Manvers Engineering Ltd is keen to further develop the Plant Nappy idea and branch out, working on other products that would be useful in the field of spill control and environmental protection.  Manvers Engineering is eager to push boundaries and find scientifically advanced solutions to environmental problems that have previously been too difficult to tackle. This dedication and drive is what makes this company stand out. 

Many new products are currently in the pipeline that will further expand the product range under the well trusted Plant Nappy brand, offering customers more choice and tailored products for their specific needs while of course keeping environmental protection at the forefront of the new designs. 

Unit 7 Spring Hill Road, Park Springs, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S72 7PD  •  Tel: 01226 719444