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Livity Ltd

2013 | Innovation
Livity Ltd
Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace
London SW9 8DJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7326 5979
Livity is a youth engagement agency that works with young people everyday to co-create campaigns, content and learning projects for clients including Google, Channel 4 and Penguin Books.
Their primary purpose as a business and a social enterprise is to measurably improve the lives of young people, whilst also delivering business benefits for clients. 
"I came into Livity at
14 wanting to be a journalist. Four years on I’m studying journalism at university and can confidently say that Livity has been, and still is, the best experience, the best learning curve, and the best choice I ever made. 
“What I respect and love so much about Livity is the trust and full belief they have in my generation.” 

Yara Shaikh, 18

Livity’s innovative approach is in the very DNA of the business and all the individuals that work there. They open the doors of their Brixton-based offices to over 5,000 annual visits from young people to be professionally mentored in content production, journalism, digital skills and marketing. Every team member dedicates 5% of their contracted hours to mentoring young people, resulting in 20,000 hours of mentoring.

Working with young people demands an innovative approach to business as they will always ask, “How can we make this better?” “Why don’t we try this?” and “Why not?”
By fusing community and enterprise Livity creates opportunity, understanding and innovation. Their competitive advantage is maintained through the deep youth insight gained whilst offering inspiration, skills, experience and access to employment and opportunities to the young people they work with.
Livity delivers work for clients based on their hard-won understanding that authenticity, trust and respect are key to successfully engaging a youth audience.
They have strategically designed and delivered award-winning campaigns for clients that have sparked the imagination and interaction of the youth market. With social media and digital being their heartland, they often see increases in community activity of over 1000% during their management of a project. 
As the lines between online and offline are often blurred to a youth market, content is key to Livity’s offering. Working with government departments, charities and brands, they have created topical weekly YouTube shows, broadcast quality adverts, online magazines and even a TV show.
Over the years Livity realised there was an informal learning aspect to their work with young people and grew their service to formalise these outcomes. Since 2010 they have worked with Google to deliver pre-apprenticeship training for digitally-savvy young people, and then worked with them to secure year-long work placements within businesses such as Virgin Atlantic, Talk Talk, and Centrica.
Industry leaders
Livity has also recently won four Marketing Agency Association Awards, including Best Agency 2013, Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and a Big Society Award. 
And as well as the office in Brixton, they have two in South Africa; worked with the Muscat Youth Summit to deliver workshops empowering and inspiring Omani youth; is heading to Venezuela to pass on their methodology to youth organisations in Caracas; and are in discussions to open an office in Rio. 
Next stop…the rest of the world?
As the young people they work with might say… “Why not?”


Left: The Livity team. Above: Livity's Olympic
legacy project somewhereto_ a free service 
that helps young people access space. 

Livity office (Photo: Mimi Mollica) 
Above: Channel 4's Top Boy for which Livity 
delivered an award-winning campaign
Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace,
London, SW9 8DJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7326 5979
Twitter: @LivityUK