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When we talk about diversity, people immediately think of gender or race, but
at KPMG we know that social background
is equally as important.

We need to ensure talented people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, no matter where they started in life. What’s more, if the UK is to remain competitive on the global stage, improving social mobility is vital. 

Last year KPMG published detailed workforce data outlining the socio-economic make-up of our firm.  We were the first business in the UK to publish such comprehensive data, measuring the type of school employees attended as well as the occupation and education of their parents. By tracking and publishing this data, we are holding the firm to account on diversity and inclusion
and ensuring the leadership are walking the
walk on these issues rather than simply paying
lip service.

At the same time, KPMG also shared graduate and school leaver socio-economic data from the past three years to help ensure we also make headway in developing a more diverse talent pipeline. In the future, we will be continuously assessing the progress we are making, and these statistics will play a vital role in helping us make sure we continue to build on our achievements over time.  

 It is an honour to see the work we are doing with the Government, our fellow business
leaders and most importantly, the communities we operate in acknowledged by The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. It is recognition of the work our people do across the UK, often quietly and behind the scenes, to help ensure our profession is open and accessible to everyone. And more than that, it is motivation for us to redouble our efforts in the future.