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incognito (Howad Ltd)

2015 | Sustainable Development
incognito (Howad Ltd)
Howad Ltd, Baseline Business Studios,
Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT
Tel: +44 (0)207 792 8687

incognito® is the leading brand in natural insect repellents and we are delighted to receive The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development 2015, the only London-based company to do so.

Mindful that the planet is already covered in insecticides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals, our aim when we started was to address a clear gap in the market – to formulate a reliable insect repellent that was more effective than its chemical cousins and yet did not use any ingredients that potentially harmed the planet. Every decision we make is taken with the environmental consequence in mind.

The Queen’s Award was given to incognito® for applying ethical standards to developing a range of insect repellents which were the first DEET-free products of their kind. All incognito® insect repellent products are 100% natural and biodegradable. Ingredients are extracted by a chemical-free process of steam instillation, not requiring pesticides or fertilisers. Being biodegradable they do not pollute groundwater; this development saves thousands of litres of pesticide from entering the environment annually.

The rapid growth of incognito® reflects a real shift away from the pesticide DEET and demonstrates the increasing demand for an insect repellent that is gentle, safe and effective. incognito® products are completely safe for children and even our spray and roll-on can be used on babies as young as 2 months.

The incognito® anti-mosquito spray and roll-on are 100% effective against all mosquitoes, and they are clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net, we believe this is the only repellent in the world that is! This 100% efficacy rate is based on research carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, funded by the Gates Malarial Partnership and published in the British Medical Journal.

The story of incognito® began in 1997 when Howard Carter caught malaria on a trip to India, followed by dengue fever the following year in Thailand (Despite taking DEET-based insect repellent and anti-malaria tablets on both trips)! These traumatic events started his long and worthwhile journey to invent a natural and safe insect repellent that is 100% effective against mosquitoes and other biting insects. He launched incognito® in 2007 which now has 8 full-time employees and many more part-time, creating jobs and income in many countries.

“It has taken me over 10 years to develop a spray that is clinically proven to protect against malaria and I am very proud that it is helping people all over the world,” said Howard Carter. “It has been a long journey, but worth every step of the way. Now I go into many jungles and do not get any insect bites.”

Giving back to both the environment and local community is at the heart of incognito® business credentials. Each year we donate 10% of profits to charity: we donated over £10,000 to environmental and local charities last year.

incognito® have also been awarded: People and the Environment Award (PEA) for Travel and Tourism; Treading Lightly (Waitrose Way Awards) for carbon reduction; The Ethical Shopping Award; and Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum Award for Best Insect Repellent for the third consecutive year.

Exporting to 20 countries, incognito® leads the way in cutting-edge sustainability with its range of natural insect repellents that actually work.