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Global Heat Transfer Limited

2016 | Innovation
Global Heat Transfer Limited
Cold Meece Industrial Estate,
Stone, Staffordshire ST15 0SP
Tel: +44 (0)1785 760555

Welcome to Global Heat Transfer. We specialise in the supply and management of thermal fluid in heat transfer manufacturing applications.

For 25 years we have developed our knowledge of thermal fluid and we understand why thermal fluid degrades and what factors impact the speed at which a thermal fluid degrades. More importantly, we understand how this affects manufacturing production in terms of quality and quantity of product, energy consumption, financial operating costs and the health and safety risk to people in the workplace.

We have worked on hundreds of applications in partnership with thousands of engineers. We ensure manufacturers gain maximum value from their thermal fluid process facility and meet their regulatory compliance obligations.

We work with process engineering manufacturers in a range of sectors including; food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, wood, plastics, polymer, styrene and solar.

Thermocare® is the all-inclusive proactive maintenance support package for manufacturers. Thermocare® not only reduces energy consumption and further improves the health and safety of the workforce, but it allows manufacturers to accurately predict costs and have better financial planning.

Thermocare® Lifecycle Management for Thermal Fluid is the combination of three service elements:

1. We test, analyse and report the condition of thermal fluid and survey heat transfer systems to improve the condition of the thermal fluid, enhance system efficiency and reduce health and safety risks.

2. Our engineering and technical support team provide on-site maintenance services to sites throughout the UK and beyond, and we produce and supply Globaltherm® heat transfer products, our own range of thermal fluid.

3. We deliver specialist technical training to engineers, health and safety personnel and operations managers to help them reduce health and safety risks and improve business performance.

Thermocare® helps manufacturers maintain production and comply with regulatory and insurance requirements for a fixed cost, while saving up to 75% on their current management costs.