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Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd

2015 | International Trade
Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd
Scotts Business Park,
Bampton, Devon EX16 9DN
Tel: +44 (0)1398 331 114

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques are a Devon based company who specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced static control devices for Industry.

Manufacturing around the world is experiencing a renaissance, which in turn has spurred an increasing demand for greater production speeds and variety in the types of material being processed. In response, Fraser have committed to an ongoing programme of research and development, maintaining a facility in Bristol specifically focused on addressing future industrial requirements. As a business strategy this has already delivered results, with significant advances being achieved in areas of design, power electronics and responsive intelligence capabilities.

Each new development is vigorously tested by a unique suite of computerised high voltage testing equipment, also specifically developed ‘in house’, before being incorporated in Fraser’s industry leading equipment.

Product development is still only one side of the equation, investment in staff development is another ongoing commitment made by Fraser, each member of the team is encouraged to complete formal vocational training. The benefits to Fraser customers have been tangible with measurable improvement in many areas of the business. Engineering Courses in Mechanical Manufacture undertaken by members of our Static Control Production Team have also brought a wealth of fresh ideas and experience to our Production Department.

Fraser work alongside universities and specialists to complement our own internal electrical and electronic engineering capabilities. A willingness to explore new ideas and to develop new technologies working alongside our customers, make us the partner of choice for many companies including leading OEM’s worldwide.