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Forces Support Charity

2016 | Innovation
Forces Support Charity
Windrush House, Windrush Industrial Park,
Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 7DX
Tel: +44 (0)1562 742798

The Forces support charity was started in March 2010 by father and son partnership Bill and Billy McCance.

Bill originally came up with the concept of Forces Support Charity when a close friend lost her husband whilst he was serving in Afghanistan. The soldier’s widow needed hands-on practical support maintaining the house she had shared with her husband, and from that act of friendship the idea of Forces Support was created.

Since then, Forces Support Charity have completed 316 family support projects, 81 of which are with families who have lost a loved one in Afghanistan, spending 4,800 hours creating remembrance areas, completed a further 12,800 hours of maintenance and household repairs to homes of families who have lost relatives and spent 960 hours creating playrooms and play areas for children whose parent have died whilst serving in the UK Armed Forces.

Forces Support Charity are the only charity in the UK to provide a home garden service and remembrance service.

Companies have also benefited from supporting Forces Support Charity. Their staff have found themselves motivated and have discovered a sense of team spirit that then flowed back through to the supporting corporate companies.

Forces Support Charity has raised it’s profile in communities too, by opening over two dozen shops in various locations across the UK. The first of which opened in Leominster.

Now opening its 25th shop, with a further four leases signed for additional stores, the charity hopes to be able to expand into another fifty to eighty areas of the UK over the coming two years.

About 95% of the charities funds are raised via its business activities,which is one of the reasons for winning The Queen’s Award. The other is the innovative way in which they support bereaved families. A Research Paper recently published in Death Studies, one of the two most prestigious bereavement Journals in the world, has recently been put on open access due to its important new findings, this was commissioned funded by the charity and is an overview of the benefits of the charities work.

Forces Support recently won the Great British Entrepreneur of the year award for social Enterprise (for the second year running) and then followed this up with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. Upon hearing the news, Bill McCance said “We are overwhelmed and honoured at receiving The Queen’s Award and my son and I are very excited to be attending the winner’s reception at Buckingham Palace, as the founders of Forces Support.”

Forces Support charity are looking for corporate and company partners to help support the Families of our Fallen, if you can help please contact founder Bill McCance on: