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Edina UK Limited

2014 | Innovation
2018 | Innovation
Edina UK Limited
Unit 12 & 13, Rugby Park, Bletchley Road,
Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3EJ
Tel: +44 (0)161 432 8833

Irish-based Edina was established in the 1980’s with a core business of supplying and maintaining diesel generators. The company was proud to receive The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation last year for its work in the renewables sector.

Following the market closely and anticipating the increasingly complex energy demands of the economy, Edina secured the sole distributorship for MWM products – highly efficient engines and generators which run on natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal mine methane and syngas. These have now been deployed throughout the world to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of fossil fuels to supply energy. The resulting financial and carbon savings have proved considerable, as has the variety of applications of this technology.

Edina has supplied around 150 anaerobic digestion plants alone with its energy producing engines and generators; which are often prepared off-site, but still within the UK, to enable prompt delivery and ease of connection. These systems are already making a significant contribution to renewable energy and have the enormous advantage of also putting waste to good use. Food waste is an ideal material for the production of biogas in addition to animal slurries, and sewage and waste water treatment operations. Thousands of homes across the country are now benefiting from heat and light from this source of energy and the number is still increasing as further moves are made to prevent waste food being sent to landfill.

Edina’s directors determined that the best plan for its business and customers was to be able to install, modify and maintain the engines and generators (so they could be fitted quickly and effectively) but to still offer a bespoke product for the differing applications to which they are suited. To this end, Edina invested heavily in a manufacturing plant in Lisburn and employs staff with the engineering expertise to fit and modify the engines and generators, either into a building or inside a container, which can then literally be dropped into place by crane with a minimum of hassle and commissioning time. As the operation of this equipment is so crucial to the finances of its customers, Edina created a monitoring system in co-operation with MWM, whereby function is checked remotely on a constant basis and any problems diagnosed and acted upon instantly. The service team now employs approximately 60 engineers who have designated projects to support (usually in their locale) which reduces waiting time for the client and mileage! Edina has bases in Cork, Lisburn, Dublin and Stockport to this end.

The efficiency, long-life and quick return on the investment made in choosing combined heat and power systems from Edina means that this is becoming the power source of choice for institutions such as hospitals and universities, district heating schemes, the food industry and the agricultural sector, both as a power source and an income generator from the sale of electricity.

Edina was keen to promote the message of renewable alternatives, as well as reaching new customers, and was delighted to be recognised in The Queen’s Awards 2014 in the Innovation Category. “The last 12 months have been incredible for our business” said Managing Director, Tony Fenton, “we have opened premises in Australia, seen a 40% rise in production and have been able to provide work for a further 50 employees”.