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Control & Display Systems Ltd t/a CDSRail

2012 | Innovation
Control & Display Systems Ltd t/a CDSRail
Unit 1, Fulcrum 4, Solent Way
Whiteley PO15 7FT
Tel: +44(0)1489 571771

CDSRail products enable the world’s leading railways to optimise maintenance practices and avoid signalling failures which could otherwise result in train delays. Data logging equipment installed on the rail infrastructure continuously measures key parameters relating to the performance and availability of signalling and power systems. This provides targeted alerts when maintenance is required to prevent the failure of vital assets such as points, track circuits, power distribution systems and level crossings.

The MiniLogger is quickly & easily installed in existing signalling infrastructure
Advanced early warning helps railways to avoid critical asset failure
Since 1998 the company has focussed exclusively on rail, designing robust intelligent hardware for the most challenging environments and modular software platforms which give users remote visibility of asset status, detailed performance data and SMS/Email alerts. Based in the UK, CDSRail employs 25 staff and has a world leading range of asset monitoring applications. Proven in installations throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, CDSRail systems are backed by established management processes and a team of experienced specialists, providing first class customer support and continuous product improvement.

The Queen’s Award for Innovation is in recognition of the CDSRail ‘MiniLogger’ range which combines real time data acquisition, data storage and GPRS/3G wireless communications into a self-contained unit the same size as a standard signalling relay. 

The MiniLogger family includes a wide range of input confi gurations which can be specified depending on the measurements required to monitor diff erent types of asset. These include isolated digital inputs to log the status of signalling relays, analogue inputs to measure point machine motor current and special options for track circuit monitoring using novel techniques to fi lter unwanted electrical noise.

The MiniLogger was designed from the outset for ease of manufacture and use, with modular hardware, fl exible software and a range of different mounting options. The MiniLogger is easy to install and rapidly configured to accommodate a variety of railway systems and asset monitoring/management platforms. In the UK the MiniLogger is a core part of Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure programme, with thousands of units reporting data on Points, Track Circuits, Earth Leakage equipment and Points Heating systems nationwide.

Unit 1, Fulcrum 4, Solent Way,
Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7FT
Tel: +44(0)1489 571771
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