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Contamac Limited

2012 | International Trade
Contamac Limited
Bearwalden Business Park
Saffron Walden CB11 4JX
Tel: +44 (0)1799 542000

Contamac Limited, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, is honoured to have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This Award, made in the International Trade category, is for substantial and sustained increase in overseas business over a six year period for Contamac’s intraocular lens (IOL) and contact lens polymer materials.

Contamac, a family-owned and operated manufacturing company located near Cambridge, was founded by John McGregor. Contamac produces more than 100 high performance products for the contact lens and IOL markets, with a focus on polymer research and development, collaborative ventures, professional services to the ophthalmic community and contract testing and analysis.

Contamac’s International Trade strategy is a complex series of relationships that include overseas distributors, a wholly owned subsidiary, a multilingual sales and marketing team, medical device experts and strategic alliances. Integral to this strategy, Research and Development and Eye Care Practitioner Education is delivered through the Company’s Centre of Excellence and the recently formed Contamac Specialty Lens Institute.

The Centre of Excellence is focused on providing research and development into new products for the intraocular and contact lens industries.

This division of the Company, completed in mid-2011, is housed in a facility alongside the polymer Research and Development division. It continues to be the principal venue for a variety of workshops and presentations to UK opticians, optometrists and professional industry organisations. The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art ophthalmic examination equipment, teaching and presentation systems, as well as specialty tools suitable for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Recent product innovations introduced by Contamac include the popular DefinitiveTM silicone hydrogel material, now used worldwide with more than 500,000 fits throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the USA.

Contamac Specialty Lens Institute

The formation of the Contamac Specialty Lens Institute (CSLI) was announced in late 2011, offering specialty contact lens education, clinical care, research and leadership. The CSLI will target the education and clinical practice of prescribing specialty contact lenses as vital educational resources for schools and colleges of optometry, their students, the residents and faculty.

Advanced technical contact lens instruction will be a focus of the CSLI to facilitate improved clinical skills for patients with corneal irregul-arities, the specialized requirements of sports vision and the pediatric population.

Contamac has announced plans to work more closely with global professional industry associations for educational and training activities, especially in view of the fact that the Company remains the only national British contact lens and intraocular materials manufacturer.

One key difference that sets Contamac apart from other material manufacturers is that the Company has made a commitment to produce only the raw materials and not finished lenses for both contact lenses and IOLs, as any other approach to the market would create unnecessary and ineffective competition with manufacturing laboratories. “This remains a key issue in our strategic plan going forward,” confirmed John McGregor, Managing Director of Contamac, “and this commitment is vital in our business model, and will not change”.

“We are delighted to be recognised with the prestigious Queen’s Award,” added Rob McGregor, Contamac Director, “and accept this on behalf of our entire Contamac team. We remain committed to improvement throughout all aspects of our business, and will continue to focus on the provision of exceptional products, professional services and research and develop-ment to the global marketplace”.

Contamac Ltd
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