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CMb Engineering

2010 | International Trade
CMb Engineering
Dockfield Road
Shipley BD17 7AY
Tel: +44 (0) 1274 846 200

Honored with a Queen’s Award in 2010 in the International Trade category for an outstanding level of exports as a result of continuous innovation and contributions to the global canmaking industry.
CMb Engineering (CMbE) is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of precision metal forming and metal finishing machinery for the production of beverage and food cans. With an expert team of engineers, CMbE is committed to continuously improving the efficiency and functionality of these packaging staples used by consumers around the world.
In business for more than 80 years, CMbE has introduced a number of innovations that have helped speed can production, improve efficiencies across the supply chain and reduce overall material usage to support sustainability initiatives.
One of CMbE’s most notable innovations – and a factor in why 
the company was recognised with a Queen’s Award – set a new industry standard in two-piece canmaking. Branded the 5500 Canmaker, the system integrates two crucial canmaking functions, bodymaking and trimming, into a single machine. This step change in the production process resulted in the manufacture of higher quality steel and aluminum cans and ultimately helping brand owners reduce product waste and spoilage. The system also made great strides in terms of flexibility, as it can handle a wide range of can sizes with rapid changeover times, further improving manufacturing efficiencies.  
The latest addition to CMbE’s portfolio continues this trend. Designed to streamline production for customers, the 3400 Neck Forming System combines various canmaking features in one machine. Capable of producing up to 3,400 cans per minute, the system is quick and easy to changeover, reducing downtime. It also allows manufacturers to keep up with growing production volumes, as additional units can be incorporated easily.
The 3400 Neck Forming System also offers environmental benefits. The system has a feature that decreases the amount of metal used in the base of the can – without sacrificing overall package strength. By minimising material use, canmakers are able to provide their customers with packaging that supports sustainability goals and maintains the barrier and strength properties to protect products from light, air and damage during transport.
CMbE supplies equipment to a wide range of customers on six continents, including all of the major canmakers. Based in Shipley, UK, the company has specialised engineering teams in place to support customers on both a global and local level.

CMb Engineering
Dockfield Road, Shipley
West Yorkshire  BD17 7AY  UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1274 846 200
Fax: +44 (0) 1274 846 201
Contact: Ian Scholey

CMbE’s 3400 Neck Forming System streamlines production for customers

CMbE’s 5500 Canmaker set a new industry standard in two-piece canmaking