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Cirrus Logistics Ltd

2012 | International Trade
Cirrus Logistics Ltd
9a Cedarwood
Basingstoke RG24 8WD
Tel: +44 (0) 1253 602920

Cirrus Logistics, leading provider of supply chain software, delivers innovative solutions to empower better informed decisions and drive business profitability, through state of the art scheduling, optimisation and simulation techniques.

Customers in the oil & gas, logistics, retail and grocery sectors use our solutions for operational and strategic decision making.

The Cirrus Logistics product portfolio falls into three areas:

• CLASS delivers efficient layout design and resource allocation 
for warehouses, production and automotive plants, so you get it right first time.

• SEABERTH plans the right ship to the right berth at the right time, 
to minimise costs and waiting time, increase throughput, and keep stocks within limits.

• COST2SERV identifies the least cost supply network for a set 
of customers, manufacturing points and depots.

We can also rapidly develop tailored solutions.

We would like to thank the Committee for the ‘Outstanding Performance in International Trade’ Award and our customers for the support that made it all possible.

Cirrus Logistics
9a Cedarwood
Chineham Park, Basingstoke
Tel: +44 (0) 1253 602920