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Cara Technology Limited

2016 | International Trade
Cara Technology Limited
Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls Road,
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7RY
Tel: +44 (0)372 822 218

Cara Technology serves drinks production companies in more than 170 countries. We maintain the largest and most historic collection of production brewing yeasts in the world – more than 850 strains.

We develop, manufacture and supply our AROXATM certified flavour standards, which have been used to train more than 20,000 professional tasters in brewing, water, spirits, wine, cider, soft drinks and food industries. For over 20 years we have trained professional taste panels on how to detect off-flavours, taints and positive flavour notes, and improve the quality and objectivity of their sensory testing. We also develop, host and support a web-based sensory software, which is used by hundreds of breweries all over the world. Our team of 30 staff are dedicated to maintaining and improving the skills of tasters all over the world.