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Cambridge Pixel Ltd

2015 | International Trade
Cambridge Pixel Ltd
New Cambridge House, Litlington,
Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 0SS
Tel: +44 (0)1763 852749

Cambridge Pixel is a specialist provider of software for radar processing and display. From its start in 2007, the business has grown year-on-year, providing products into radar applications from commercial security to advanced military radars that serve on the latest generation of Royal Navy ships.

Radar allows objects to be detected: people, boats, planes, even birds. Military applications are an important market for this technology, but security is increasingly a concern where expensive assets (oil rigs, nuclear facilities, solar farms, even fish farms) need to be protected from unwelcome intruders. Cambridge Pixel doesn’t build the radar sensors, but rather provides the downstream processing and displays that allows information to be extracted and presented to a user. The business is to create information and situational awareness from radar data and provide this as software modules and applications.

Since the business started, export sales have been significant and now stand at 75% of turnover. With impressive results achieved in Europe, USA, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, the company has now sold into 35 countries across the globe and continues to expand. The business approach has been to offer software at multiple levels, allowing customers to choose from a ready-to-run software product or a development toolkit for customised applications. Backed with a high degree of customer support, this has allowed the business to successfully provide its technology as embedded components within larger systems and also as complete display solutions for end-user applications. Different applications in different countries require a different approach and flexibility in providing technology transfer and customisation options, rather than a black-box approach, has helped to build successful long-term business relationships.

Receiving The Queen’s Award is a fantastic achievement for the company and is a reflection of the dedication of its staff who work hard to develop, deliver and support a quality product.