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Brother UK Limited

2011 | Sustainable Development
Brother UK Limited
Shepley Street, Audenshaw
Manchester M34 5JD
Tel: +44 (0) 161 330 6531

Brother are one of the leading suppliers of printing and labelling solutions for businesses and consumers in the UK. We are very proud to have received a Queen’s Award, recognising our contribution to sustainable business.
Our approach to management can be summed up in one sentence. We believe in doing the right thing; managing our business responsibly and treating people and other businesses fairly. This includes staff empowerment, business continuity, community engagement and environmental responsibility.
We have had this focus throughout our hundred year history, and so it’s no wonder that after such a long time we have now achieved zero waste to landfill, use of renewable energy on site, continuous annual reductions in fuel usage, policies that have been adopted by our wider group and by other companies, and a high level of staff engagement in other organisations and businesses – amongst many other things.
As a sales and distribution arm of a larger multinational, we focus on the things we can change and influence, such as the use of materials in our office and the reuse or recycling of waste from our site. This often includes innovative solutions, like donating unwanted carpet tiles to local businesses during recent refurbishments, turning old office doors into serviceable tables for a local church hall and donating surplus promotional mugs to a local scout group.
As a result of our work, we are often asked to share our knowledge and experience through speaking engagements, conferences and published articles. We take this role of promoting sustainability very seriously, viewing it as one of the primary things we can do to contribute to the development 
of sustainability in the UK.
The actions we take internally, and our promotion of sustainability issues through sharing best practice and experience, have gained us many accolades, both generally and industry specific, which strengthen our commitment to sustainability and provide us with further opportunities to promote and develop sustainability in the UK. The Queen’s Award represents the ultimate recognition for these 
many years of effort.

Brother UK Ltd
Shepley Street, Audenshaw, Manchester, M34 5JD  UK
Tel: +44 (0) 161 330 6531
Fax: +44 (0) 161 931 2215

The Brother main building, refurbished to include energy efficient measures


A Brother printer, demonstrating
duplex printing to reduce paper usage

Our internal exhibition, raising awareness for staff

Recycling box for our customers’ used toners, drums and ink cartridges