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Brompton Bicycle Ltd

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Brompton Bicycle Ltd
Kew Bridge DC, Lionel Road South
Brentford TW8 9QR
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8232 8484


Brompton Bicycle designs and manufactures the famous Brompton folding bike, an iconic sight on the streets of London for 30 years, and now increasingly seen in cities around the world.

The Brompton marries the performance of a full-sized, agile bicycle with the convenience of a truly portable and storable package. It is a personal transport solution that fits into people’s lives at home, at work and all points in between, without forcing them to accept a compromise; a solution that tears up the transport rule book and puts people back in charge of their journeys.

One reason for its global success is its appeal to a large and diverse user group, from regular cyclists wary of theft and travellers keen to have a bike along, to space-constrained city-
dwellers and multimodal transport users. It gives freedom and independence to owners everywhere.

Finely-engineered and elegant, the Brompton has a full-sized frame, made mainly of steel for strength and stiffness. It is designed to be practical and light enough to be genuinely portable. The bikes are no more unique than their manufacture – every Brompton is still built by hand from scratch in London; ours is a genuine factory, not just an assembly plant for parts made elsewhere.

Output now stands at 650 bikes per week, with two-thirds of sales going to over 30 overseas markets, from Japan to the Netherlands, from the USA to Australia.

Bromptons have circumnavigated the world and seen action from Spitsbergen to the South Pole, via the Hindu Kush, the forests of Cambodia and the deserts of Nevada. But while our horizons are firmly global, we act locally. The componentry that is not made in-house is sourced as locally as possible, and we keep our carbon footprint down by constantly re-evaluating our production processes, using 100%-renewable-source electricity, employing intelligent lighting, using recycled materials and vegetable inks on printed materials, etc.

Brompton Bicycle – an extraordinary bike for an extraordinary world.

Brompton Bicycle Ltd
Kew Bridge DC
Lionel Road South, Brentford
Middlesex TW8 9QR UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8232 8484
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8232 8181


Brompton at the South Pole


Bromptons awaiting despatch to the four corners of the world