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Bio Products Laboratory (BPL)

2010 | International Trade
Bio Products Laboratory (BPL)
Dagger Lane
Elstree WD6 3BX
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8957 2200


Bio Products Laboratory is honoured to have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2010

BPL is a not-for-profit biopharmaceutical manufacturer of therapeutic plasma proteins. Proteins are extracted from human blood plasma using complex fractionation, purification and viral inactivation processes. Therapeutic proteins extracted include immuno-globulin antibodies, albumin and haemolytic (clotting) factors. These are used to treat patients with a variety of conditions including suppressed immune systems, neuro-logical diseases and haemophilia. BPL also extracts specific immuno-globulin antibody presentations, which are used to protect against rabies, tetanus, hepatitis B, Anti-D (rhesus) and varicella zoster (chicken pox).


BPL has been involved in the processing of human plasma since 1950 when it was first established as part of the Lister Institute by the Medical Research Council (MRC), and started manufacturing specific immunoglobulins in 1972. In 1987, BPL opened its new £60 million manufacturing facility, designed to provide self-sufficiency of plasma products for England and Wales. Over the last six years BPL has developed two world class products in-house and more than doubled its production output. Enabling BPL to increase its market share of the UK intravenous immunoglobulin and, albumin markets whilst expanding export operations from £7m in 2003/4 to £54m in 2009/10. BPL now sells in over 45 countries and recently obtained an FDA license to sell its new Gammaplex® Human Normal Immunoglobulin product in the USA. Where its 5% solution has been described as “best in class”.

With a vibrant 60-year heritage, our philosophy is to continue to invest in research, development, technology and manufacturing methods to ensure we deliver safe, high quality products for our patients.

Green Awards For BPL

BPL’s manufacturing processes demand large amounts of energy and water. Aware of its environment-
al responsibilities BPL employed a full time Environmental Manager and worked with the Carbon Trust during this period of significant expansion. In doing so BPL was able to reduce its energy consumption by some 6% and its carbon emissions by 13% in real terms. An achievement recognised with a Mayor of London Green500 Gold Award and BPL being classified as a Carbon Trust Standard Bearer 2009

Our mission “We create plasma products to improve and save patients lives”

BPL’s mission is to supply high quality plasma derived products to a growing global market through investing in the latest research, technology and manufacturing methods and by ensuring on-going and responsive support to health professionals throughout the world.

When coupled to the drive and ambition to become a world renown organisation this makes BPL a great British asset.

Dagger Lane, Elstree
Herts, WD6 3BX UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8957 2200
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8957 2604

BPL is an operating unit of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT),
a Special Health Authority within the NHS