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2016 | Innovation
Cannock Wood Industrial Estate, Cannock Wood Street,
Cannock, Staffordshire WS12 0PL
Tel: +44 (0)1543 879 788

Established in the mid 1960’s, ATP Industries Group is Europe’s largest independent remanufacturer of automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, torque converters, transmission control units, instrument clusters, radios, DVD’s, CD players, Exhaust gas recycling values, air mass meters, throttle bodies, Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) and more.

Automotive remanufacture
ATP’s proven expertise, and solid reputation has lead to them becoming the major remanufacturing partner to a worldwide portfolio of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

As ATP became established as a major remanufacturer for automatic transmissions, it soon became apparent that there was a need for a similar service in the Off Highway equipment sector.

ATP Off Highway was formed in 1980 to provide users of power shift transmissions and torque converters with a complete range of service facilities.

Our facility remanufacture transmissions, torque converters and parts into the forklift, back-hoe, telescopic handler and mobile crane markets as well as agricultural machinery, marine mining and military vehicles.

We also produce a range of our own new 11” torque converters, which allows us to service export customers without the expense of returning core units for remanufacturing.

ATP Electronics
The integration of electronics into motor vehicles offered new challenges and opportunities for ATP, in order to uphold our reputation for quality, we had to apply the same rigorous testing procedures to the new electronic products.

The development of our test equipment and the new dynamometers have resulted in us supplying major OEM’s with remanufactured electronic ECU’s, instrument clusters and in Car Entertainment.

ATP has a facility in close proximity to the main USA vehicle manufacturers in Detroit, Michigan. Along with facilities in both China and the UK headquarters we are able to offer local support on three major continents.

In 2010, ATP purchased the company PTM Electronics based in An Arbour, Michigan, USA. PTM Electronics manufacture real time test equipment for organisations such as Delphi and Harley Davidson. This cost effective equipment enables real time testing for virtually any type of modular electronic component, such as ECU’s ABS, HVAK and instrument clusters.

ATP China
As the worlds largest market for the modern motor car, ATP sees it’s presence in the existing arena as a key part for the future expansion. We are convinced that the coming five to ten years will see unprecedented growth in this part of Asia.

ATP has a wholly owned facility in Guangzhou, southern China, employing 44 people since 1995. Our Guangzhou factory is used to manufacture transmissions and torque converters throughout China. In addition, this useful resource is utilised to source value line components for both our consumption in China and the UK, as well as offering a part sourcing facility for numerous OEM customers.