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Ascot Rehabilitation ltd

Ascot Rehabilitation ltd
Tel: +44 (0)20 3212 0839

On receiving the award, Dr Ali Al-Memar CEO and Consultant Neurologist, said: “We are privileged to receive this prestigious award. It is an acknowledgment of the commitment, dedication, and vision of our team in providing the centre of excellence in rehabilitation healthcare.”

Launched in 2012, Ascot Rehabilitation Ltd is a centre of excellence, offering the highest quality consultant-led rehabilitation and trans-disciplinary care to those suffering from neurological conditions. Since then the company has grown considerably by guiding patients through their recovery both in the UK and overseas which has gained Ascot Rehab recognition in the international market.

Who we help

We provide bespoke rehabilitation from our purpose built inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Surrey, at our outpatient facilities at both Harley Street and Wimpole Street in London and within the comfort of our patients’ own homes.

We provide rehabilitation for:


Traumatic Brain and Spinal cord injury

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

Other neurological conditions

Amputee rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Paediatric outpatient rehabilitation

Support and education to families and training to care teams

People like Tom

Tom had a horrific traumatic head injury while working in Australia as a tree surgeon. He arrived in the UK dependent on a wheelchair. His movement was limited, he had a feeding tube to meet his nutritional needs, his communication was predominantly non-verbal and he demonstrated some inappropriate behaviour. Tom was incontinent of the bladder and bowels day and night and showed evidence of post traumatic amnesia with significant cognitive problems and required assistance for all personal care needs.

After four months in our care, he was mobile with supervision, communicating verbally as well as using assistive communication, continent of bladder and bowels during the day and independently attending therapy sessions. He needed supervision for the personal care and had begun to take some puree food and liquids orally.

As Tom put it: “There aren’t enough words to thank Ascot Rehab for getting me back to normal. It means so much. Thank God for you.”

Our team

Highly qualified consultants include Rehabilitation Physicians, Neurologists, Neuropsychiatrists and Spinal Neurosurgeons with vast experience within their field of expertise.

Supported by Ascot Rehab’s dynamic therapy team, comprising of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Neuro and Clinical Psychologists.

We create multidisciplinary teams to maximise each patient’s rehabilitation potential.

Why we’re different

Our extensive research among experts in this field told us that the status quo was flawed. Too many patients were being given recovery goals that suited the hospital’s template. Sessions were too short and infrequent. And so we took a blank piece of paper and started again.

The keys to success were clear: early goal-driven rehabilitation coupled with a strong focus on maximising independence and quality of life.

Combining these goals gave shape to our methods together with our aim of making this significantly more affordable than any current private provision. As a result we have:

Pioneered longer treatments on six days per week.

Worked around goals tailored to – and chosen by – each patient.

Liaised with families and care teams to create a rehab ‘team’

Built personalised programmes using state-of-the-art equipment

Enabled patients to become independent well ahead of expectations – typically three months faster than six month programmes elsewhere!

Our philosophy is built on five pillars

1. Excellent and continuous care for inpatients intended to minimise their stay supported by outpatient care in clinics and outreach at home.

2. Investment in top Medical Consultants and therapists providing the highest quality of care. Consultants train juniors to enhance clinical development.

3. Investment in leading-edge technology from therapeutic interventions to cognitive behavioral therapy.

4. Realistic pricing at approximately 65% of our competitors – and with a 30% shorter typical stay.

5. Marketing clearly and helpfully to ensure that our message reaches those who can benefit most

What we’re achieving

Let’s ask Tom: “A brain injury is such an unfortunate thing to happen to anyone. I can’t talk or move how I would like to, its so crap… I’m just completely useless to anyone. Rehab means so much. Thank rehab! Thank god for you.”

How have we managed to transform Tom’s quality of life?

His intensive rehabilitation package included therapy six days a week, a transdisciplinary team that works with Tom achieve his goals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Over time this time we concentrated on the skills required to increase his independence.

After 6 months Tom was able to

Walk independently

Remove his PEG and begin eating a modified diet with supervision

Make drinks and snacks with supervision

Become independent with all day toileting needs

Access the community with support to go swimming , play golf and go out with friends for dinner

Follow a time table and attend therapy sessions independently

Spend better quality time with his family, who were able to take him out weekly and have family time together

After 10 months Tom moved to a transitional living suite

This is all achievable and capable of transforming Tom’s life for the better.

New Technology

Our approach is founded on extraordinary levels of patient care. But it also requires outstanding facilities and products. Which is why we are so proud that our inpatient and outpatient sites house:

Lokomat® allowing effective adult gait training via robot-assisted walking. In conjunction with game-like exercises, the robot controls the repetitive walking pattern, enabling the brain and spinal cord to work in sync.

Armeo® spring (Adult & Paediatric) combines an adjustable arm support with game-like exercises, which enables patients to use their existing motor functions for a variety of motions and movements commonly used in everyday activities

The Biodex Balance System™ enables patients to evaluate and improve balance, strength and neuromuscular control assisting in identifying the best course of treatment.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) works using small electrical currents to stimulate weakened muscles to aid walking.

SaeboFlex allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments such as stroke, the ability to incorporate their arm and hand functionally in therapy and at home.

Fibre Optic Endoscopic Evaluation of swallowing is an instrumental evaluation provided by our specially trained Speech and Language Therapists to evaluate swallowing function in patients and to make recommendations regarding oral diet and treatment strategies.

Our Outpatient Facility at Wimpole Street is the home of our Giger MD therapy and provides the best quality outpatient Neurorehabilitation care to adults and children through a gravity-eliminated environment which boasts 30,000 joint movements in 20 minutes which leads to improved motor functions, strengthening of muscles, reducing spasticity.

Messages from other patients
and their families

Our patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave Olly while he was with you. We are all amazed at the progress he has made. I know that if he had not been able to spend that time with you, his recovery would not have been that good.”

In September 2014 we arrived at Ascot Rehab after being transferred from another Rehab on another Continent. Ascot Rehab has ensured that ‘family time’ for close and extended family has been scheduled into his programme. This time is incredibly rich and rewarding for all of us. Ascot Rehab certainly has not only the client but the family at the heart and for that we will be eternally grateful.”

Transforming the future of rehab

Our approach and philosophy have already changed many lives. Since opening in November 2012 we have admitted over 150 patients from 10 countries. Our treatments have created a series of success stories. Patients have made huge leaps forward within remarkable timescales.


Our purpose built Hospital at Bagshot Surrey allows rehab to take place in a facility akin to a five star hotel. It includes:

11 private bedrooms with en-suite wet rooms

4 independent living suites to help transition back to the community

2 rehabilitation gyms

Hydrotherapy pool

Occupational Therapy kitchen and therapy room

IT Therapy room

Dedicated rooms for speech and language therapy and Neuropsychology

What the future holds

Sadly, there is no shortage of patients requiring this service. We have plans to grow into new locations and to continue investing in the latest and best medical equipment – transforming lives through excellent care.

Winning the Queen’s Award for International Trade ‘will enhance our ability as a centre of excellence and rehabilitation to develop and grow nationally and internationally.’

Please feel free to call us at our Head Office on 0203 212 0839 or email to discuss any aspect of our philosophy and treatment.