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Anpario Plc

2015 | International Trade
Anpario Plc
Manton Wood Enterprise Park, Worksop,
Nottinghamshire S80 2RS
Tel: +44 (0)1909 537380

Anpario is located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and manufactures and markets high performance natural feed additives that are designed to protect and improve the health of livestock animals worldwide.

With over 100 employees based at its UK manufacturing HQ and international offices in China, USA, Brazil and Malaysia, Anpario exports animal health products to over 70 countries and continues to expand its overseas activities by targeting regions and countries that offer the greatest potential to its brands.

David Bullen, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The Queen’s Award is a great honour, not just for the company but for all of our individual employees in the UK and internationally who have helped contribute to the company’s success. We look forward to building on our success and achieving even further growth in the future.”

Anpario help to feed a growing global population, contributing to potential solutions that will help support the much needed resolution to one of the greatest challenges of our time – sustainability:

• The world population has recently passed the seven billion mark with the global population projected to increase to over nine billion by 2050.

• Developing economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa continue to develop an increasingly affluent and growing middle class. This trend is expected to continue and the increased wealth enables the opportunity of choice; moving from a vegetarian based diet to one that is increasing consumption of protein in the form of meat, fish, milk and eggs.

• Increasing consumer awareness is demanding and driving higher welfare standards in agriculture which in turn is being reflected through the strengthening of governmental legislation such as restrictions in antibiotic use.

Our predicaments have created a paradox within agriculture: our ever growing population demands more meat protein necessitating the need for more intensive production, yet the need for intensive production to improve performance will only heighten disease risks. Furthermore, if we are to increase animal production, the world will need to increase grain production in order to feed the animal, placing unprecedented challenges as we balance the competing demands of people, animals and grain with the finite land resource that we have on our planet.

Anpario’s primary objective is to deliver greater outputs from the limited global resources in an efficient and sustainable way. Our portfolio of innovative products are all based on natural components that have been developed with a focus to work in synergy with the needs of the animal; adding value throughout their lives by improving their health, strengthening their immunity and maximising the utilisation of nutrients in their feed through the creation of optimal gut health. The benefits of our products have not only demonstrated their value to the animals that have been fed our feed additives but also to the progeny that they produce.

The end result enables a natural alternative to the likes of antibiotics and ensures improvements in production efficiency by reducing the amount of feed required alongside facilitating the best performance from the animal, increasing the profitability of the farmer by achieving more from less.

We are what we eat; the recognition of The Queen’s Award will only serve to strengthen Anpario’s commitment to supporting this – ­naturally – for the benefit of our future generations.