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Advanced Insulation Limited

Advanced Insulation Limited
Quedgeley West Business Park
Hardwicke GL2 4PA
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Advanced Insulation is delighted to win its fourth Queen’s Award, obtaining the Innovation award for the second time in four years.

As a global supplier of insulation, passive fire protection, buoyancy and cable protection systems, the company has been recognised for its syntactic silicone subsea insulation, named ContraTherm C25.

Pete Mellersh, technical support specialist, who has worked at Advanced Insulation for 14 years, commented: “The business of keeping the oil flowing is called ‘flow assurance’.

It is necessary to keep the produced oil warm as it passes through a range of subsea equipment, because if the oil cools below a certain temperature it begins to solidify into waxes, hydrates and over time the pipeline could become blocked, costing a vast amount of money. The insulation provided by ContraTherm C25 is all about keeping the oil flowing.”

ContraTherm C25 was developed to compliment the company’s existing product, ContraTherm C55, for flexible applications, such as piping known as jumpers or umbilical lines.

Kevin Firth, Director of Subsea Sales at Advanced Insulation Systems (AIS), added: “ContraTherm C25 has been selected by almost all the major oil companies due to a combination of its high specification polymer insulation technology, our ability to service fabrication yards globally, and capability to be applied by local application teams.”

In five years, company turnover has grown by 250%, with the product share of ContraTherm C25 growing to 20% of sales.

Andrew Bennion, managing director, said: “At Advanced Insulation, we acknowledge that research and development is essential to staying competitive in the global marketplace and invest up to 10 per cent of revenue each year.

This award recognises our ContraTherm C25 product, in which we invested over £5 million to bring it to market.

We are always looking to innovate and improve our product range, and I believe this has been key to our growth and the continued recognition we have received from her Majesty over the last five years.”