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Advanced Electronics Limited

2011 | International Trade
Advanced Electronics Limited
Moorland Way
Cramlington NE23 1WE
Tel: +44 (0) 1670 707 111
Advanced Electronics are one of the fastest growing fire detection and life safety equipment manufacturers in the UK.
With a clear vision of becoming a leading supplier into world markets, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade, represents another key milestone in the company’s journey. 
From their technical centre of excellence in South Yorkshire and their award winning manufacturing site in Northumberland, the company designs, manufactures and delivers a range of high quality, technically advanced systems that protect buildings and keep people safe.
Established in 1999 the company has continually focussed on their customer’s needs and pushed the boundaries of technology, building a reputation as a ‘customer focussed’ supplier of high quality, cutting edge products with first class technical support.
This pioneering approach, based on strong customer focus, is at the heart of everything the company does and over recent years Advanced Electronics has been extremely successful in taking this ethos and their UK manufactured safety solutions to numerous new markets across the globe.
Supported by its subsidiary operations in North America and the Middle East, export sales, which now represent over 45% of the company’s income, have grown by over 300% in the last three years with Advanced Electronics products now installed and in use in over 60 countries.
Creating life safety solutions that are easy to install, easy to use and easy to understand, isn’t easy! However, since its inception, the company has invested heavily in Research and Development and has made every effort to stay ahead of their competitors by providing a portfolio of technically advanced products that meet all of the legislative requirements and challenging customer needs 
from around the world.
Advanced Electronics has developed its product portfolio to provide flexibility, reliability and affordability and the company has developed a unique mix of market knowledge, technical expertise and customer responsiveness. These in-house standards are additionally reinforced with numerous third party certifications for international and regional life safety product standards around the world.
The combination of sophisticated design, progressive manufacturing processes and a highly developed international sales and support 
team have all contributed to the company’s passion for working with the various life safety 
industries locally, nationally and internationally to ensure that Advanced Electronics systems add to the overall safety of buildings old and new.
Whether the equipment is needed as an upgrade into iconic buildings such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, or is included at planning stage into the cutting edge design of some of the exciting new buildings of our modern world, such as the new Westfield Shopping Complex in Sydney Australia, attention to every detail ensures that Advanced Electronics systems are the specifiers first choice.
Advanced Electronics is a long term partner for the whole journey. The company’s teams around the world will continue to innovate and build sustainability into their products and services to keep one step ahead of the challenges faced 
in this critical market that we all interact with, every day.

Advanced Electronics Ltd
Moorland Way
NE23 1WE  UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1670 707 111
Fax: +44 (0) 1670 707 222

Advanced Electronic systems were planned into the Westfield Shopping Complex in Sydney Australia