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Active Operations Management International LLP

2011 | International Trade
Active Operations Management International LLP
Forbury Court, 12 Forbury Road
Reading RG1 1SB
Tel: +44 (0) 118 907 5000
Designed for the Executive who wants to enable strategic change, Active Operations Management (AOM) delivers a transformation in control over work and time, reducing risk, securing performance and delivering lasting productivity improvements of 20% – 40% through a mixture of method provision, coaching, training and toolset deployment.
Research shows that the most significant cause of lost performance in a processing environment is individuals not having the right amount of work to do in the time available. The principal difference between teams is method for planning and controlling and not team leader aptitude, willingness or motivation.
We solve this challenge by providing all the components that together transform the sophistication and precision with which work and time are managed – irrespective of the underlying business process. Our method is deployed in less than 16 weeks and ensures resources are matched to the work, balancing the apparently competing demands to improve quality and meet service levels, while reducing costs and improving staff performance.
Organisations using AOM waste less time and are better equipped to adapt and respond to operational pressures and changes, typically benefitting from:
Cost: improvements of up to 40% are typical, realised either as direct cost savings, overtime reduction or doing more work with the same resource.
Service: more, happier customers.
Quality: increased emphasis on ‘right first time’ – reducing checking and rework and saving time and money.
Risk: a more stable environment provides a calmer more controlled feel to operations which reduces absenteeism and errors.
Speed: projects typically generating 
a 180% ROI within 12 months and achieve payback within 8 months.
Strategic options: enhanced control enables organisational configurations or supply chains which would otherwise be too complex or high risk.
The method, training and supporting tool set are together being adopted by the world’s best private and public sector organisations across 37 countries to help make their vision of excellent operations management a reality.
Active Operations Management International LLP
Forbury Court
12 Forbury Road
Reading  RG1 1SB  UK
Tel: +44 (0) 118 907 5000
Fax: +44 (0) 118 907 5001

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