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Abiligroup Limited

2016 | Innovation
Abiligroup Limited
39a Bartholomew Close
London EC1A 7JN
Tel: +44 (0)1525 404070

Abiligroup are a UK based, friendly and dynamic company dedicated to developing mould-breaking IT solutions. They are delighted to have received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for their unique product. is a monitoring application that builds and updates a live model of all the entities in an IT infrastructure. It enables you to search your IT applications and services in the same way you can search for information and pages on the World Wide Web.

The information provided by Cobe’s live ‘mapping’ system enables it to understand the impact and dependencies of any issue affecting business critical services. This is because it considers every component in the infrastructure and the relationships between them.

For the customer this unique approach to visualising the IT infrastructure means they can determine the root cause of an issue more quickly. This reduces the amount of time a problem impacts business operations thereby maintaining productivity and business reputation. The system is also more intuitive than competitors’ products making it easier and faster to deploy.

This innovation has been brought to market in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). This has enabled significant growth in sales and allows Abiligroup to provide upgrades or add-on features to the Cobe product seamlessly.

Established in 2004, Abiligroup currently employs 35 people based in Ampthill in Bedfordshire. Founder and Director, Andy Onacko explains “We are a niche IT company, that prides itself on employing people that have innovation in their blood. The company attracts people that like to work at the “bleeding edge” of technology and we believe in giving our people the autonomy to push the boundaries. The result is innovation, like the exciting platform. We are immensely proud to have received this Award on behalf of our team.