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7thSense Design Ltd

2014 | Innovation
7thSense Design Ltd
2 The Courtyard, Shoreham Road
Upper Bleeding BN44 3TN
Tel: +44 (0)1903 81229

7thSense Design Ltd manufacture the Delta Media Server, which is a multi-award-winning source of high-quality media content for any shape display screen. 

Delta® provides perfect picture and sound quality from many sources, including movies, still imagery, cameras, special effects and three-dimensional objects. It facilitates quick and easy creation of complex audio-visual presentations on a variety of display devices, including multiple flat-panel arrays, curved projection screens and large, full-dome screens. Using software developed in-house, the new system is capable of handling uncompressed 4k, 8k and above media, data rates significantly higher than those for high definition cinema films. Based on standard personal computer components, the innovation has cut the costs and greatly improved the quality and attractiveness of customised presentations in museums, theme parks, planetariums, complex theatre productions and live events.

Delta Media Server installed at the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre